The people behind

Streamchaser was initially founded in 2021 as part of our final project in AP Computer Science where we came up with the idea behind the web application. Since then, we have sought to evolve Streamchaser from the end-product of an exam to a viable product for widespread use. We are a small development team composed of four developers all studying to become software engineers and with many different experiences in the field of software development.

Our vision

Streamchaser seeks to make the search for any kind of media located on streaming services easier by curating all content through a centralized entertainment technology platform. We aim to solve all troubles related to finding the right streaming service for a given media type – be it movies, series or documentaries. Streamchaser further seeks to solve the issue where and when it appears, most often in front of the TV. Lastly, Streamchaser is founded on the basis of convenience, which means that no feature, no profit margin and no personal gains should ever compromise the convenience and ease of use for the customer.



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